CLSD Personnel

The decision-makers for the Clear Lake Sanitary District are five publicly elected officials residing throughout the lake community.

Board of Trustees


Mark H. Bale is a retired actuary and executive of the life insurance industry. He worked in insurance company home offices for more than 32 years before starting his own consulting business. He is a member of the Clear Lake Noon Lions Club and is a past president of that organization. Mark lives in Clear Lake and joined the board in 2019.


Tony Nelson
Lothar Meyer is a resident of the unincorporated Oakwood area of Clear Lake. He retired from teaching and coaching in 2008. Lothar is a member of the Evening Lions Club, and has previously served that organization as president and treasurer. He is also a member of ISEA, Ducks Unlimited, Whitetails Unlimited and Pheasants Forever. Lothar has served on the board since 2008 and enjoys his role in helping to maintain lake water quality through his actions on the board.


Bobby Wolfram, Jr. has gained “hands-on” sewer experience while working for several excavating companies installing and repairing sewer infrastructure in the cities of Ventura and Clear Lake, and throughout the unincorporated areas of the Clear Lake Sanitary District. Bobby enjoys being a conduit of communication, and serving with a well- rounded Board of Trustees as they continue to efficiently serve the customers and community within the Sanitary District. Bobby has served on the board since 2009.


Larry Adams





The Clear Lake Sanitary District employs a full staff of trained personnel.


Mitch Hanson began employment with the Sanitary District in October 2018 as Superintendent. Mitch was previously employed by the City of Northwood as operator of the treatment plant for 14 years. Mitch, his wife Jess and their 2 kids reside in Worth County.


Ron Fullerton has been an employee of the Sanitary District since June 2002 where he has served in many roles and is currently the Operations Manager. Ron has nearly 30 years of experience in wastewater treatment and holds Grade IV wastewater and collection licenses.


Dennis Spilman has been employed with the Sanitary District since 1993 and holds a Grade III wastewater treatment license. Dennis served four years active duty in the United States Army, also during Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Dennis also served in the U.S. Army Reserves and was called to active duty in September 2001 and served one year guarding U.S. ammunition shipping ports before returning back to work in September of 2002. Dennis completed two more combat tours to Afghanistan before retiring in 2015 with 27 years of service. Dennis serves as the Lab Director overseeing water and wastewater sampling and testing services for the District.


Michelle Case is the billing clerk and has been employed by the Sanitary District since 1995.


Ted Tusha, has been employed with the Sanitary District fifteen years and holds Grade II wastewater and Grade III collection licenses. Ted resides in Garner with his wife Christa and his three boys.


Steve Bacon began employment with the Clear Lake Sanitary District in January, 2004. Steve holds Grade II wastewater treatment and Grade I wastewater collection licenses. Steve attended Ventura High School and now resides in Clear Lake with his family.


Taylor Moore has been employed with the Clear Lake Sanitary District since December, 2009 as the District’s Accountant/Office Manager. Taylor has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Minnesota School of Business. Prior to working at the District, Taylor worked as a financial accountant for Metro Sales, Inc. in Richfield, MN and as a staff accountant for Potter & Brant, PLC in Clear Lake for two years. Taylor is originally from Estherville, IA and now resides with his family in Clear Lake.


Grant Pueggel is a Grade II operator and has been employed with the Sanitary District since 2014. Grant previously worked as an electrician for 8 years with Linahon electric. Grant enjoys helping the family farming operation outside of Clear Lake.


Justin Morrow


Steven Seufferlein is the office clerk and has been employed with the Sanitary District since April 2020.  Steven, originally from Cedar Falls, now resides with his wife Mesha and their three kids in Clear Lake.