Did you know that…

…the Clear Lake Sanitary District is a separate government entity from the cities of Clear Lake and Ventura? That’s right, each has it’s own responsibilities and are not tied together in any way. The Sanitary District is responsible for treating the waste from residential, commercial, and industrial areas within the sanitary district boundaries. The boundaries include most of the city limits of Clear Lake, residents of Ventura, and residents in the unincorporated areas around the lake. The Sanitary District is also responsible for the sewer collection system in all of the unincorporated areas served, which is the area on the south side of the lake.

…Clear Lake and Ventura officials are responsible for the collection system within their respective city limits, with the key being collection? The collection system in each city ultimately discharges into one of the District’s pumps stations which conveys the sewage to the treatment plant.

…the Sanitary District treats an annual average flow of 2 million gallons per day?

…the annual amount of water consumption in the District’s service area averages approximately 1.0 million gallons per day?

…the highest recorded flow to the treatment plant was 19 million gallons on June 8, 2008?

…the District is Alliant Energy’s largest electric account and that the average of each electric bill is around $13,000 per month?

…the Disrtrict’s combined pump-station motor horsepower is 1,700 hp? That is 57 hp/pump.

…more than 5,300 sewer accounts are billed each month.

…that 20% of the District’s operations revenue comes from fees collected for laboratory services, sewer cleaning and televising services and from the cooling water supply contract with Alliant Energy.