CLSD Personnel

The decision-makers for the Clear Lake Sanitary District are five publicly elected officials residing throughout the lake community.

Board of Trustees

Timothy R. Clark has been a resident of Ventura since 1985. Tim has started a number of businesses in the North Iowa area, and presently owns and operates a construction company, as well as continues to develop residential property in North Iowa. Tim is also a licensed Realtor and active supporter in the Ventura School District and Ventura Booster Club. He has served on the board since 2007.

Lothar Meyer is a resident of the unincorporated Oakwood area of Clear Lake. He retired from teaching in 2008, but is still involved in coaching high school cross country and soccer. Lothar is a member of the Evening Lions Club, and has previously served that organization as president and treasurer. He is also a member of ISEA, Ducks Unlimited, Whitetails Unlimited and Pheasants Forever. Lothar has served on the board since 2008.

Bobby Wolfram, Jr. has gained “hands-on” sewer experience while working for several excavating companies installing and repairing sewer infrastructure in the cities of Ventura and Clear Lake, and throughout the unincorporated areas of the Clear Lake Sanitary District. Bobby enjoys being a conduit of communication, and serving with a well- rounded Board of Trustees, as they continue to efficiently serve the customers and community within the Sanitary District. Bobby has served on the board since 2009.

Steve Nicklaus – board member.




Wastewater treatment plant operators make up most of the Clear Lake Sanitary District¹s staff. Licensed operators must be certified by the Iowa Department of Natural Resource and can only achieve certification after passing an exam. In order to qualify to take an exam a certain number of years of experience and schooling must be met. The number of years of experience and schooling required is dictated by the Grade level an operator is testing for. There are four Grades with Grade I being the first and Grade IV the highest. An operator must obtain each Grade before being eligible to test at the next Grade up. Once an operator has received his or her license the license must be maintained, which requires 2.0 continuing education units (ceu) or twenty classroom hours every two years.

Treatment plants are also categorized to a Grade. The larger capacity and more complex the treatment plant the higher the Grade. The Clear Lake Sanitary District treatment plant is classified as a Grade IV plant and requires a Grade IV operator. Operators not only know how to operate the treatment plant, but also how to conduct laboratory test using chemicals and the most delicate of instruments to ensure that the mandated degree of treatment is achieved on a continuous basis. In essence a wastewater treatment plant operator is a mixture of a biologist and chemist.


The Clear Lake Sanitary District employs a full staff of trained personnel.

Kevin Moler has served as the administrator/superintendent of the Clear Lake Sanitary District since January 1997 and holds a Grade IV wastewater treatment license. Kevin is a 1985 graduate of Kirkwood Community College¹s Water/Wastewater Treatment program and was previously employed as a wastewater plant operator at Canyon Village in Yellowstone National Park for two years before pursuing and obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Iowa State University in 1991. Following graduation Kevin was employed with Aqua Aerobic Systems, Inc. for five years in Rockford, IL as a wastewater project engineer.

Ron Fullerton is a Grade III Operator and began employmnet with the District in June, 2002. Ron was the Wastewater Operations Director at Lake Mills for nearly three years before accepting the position with the Sanitary District. Ron has over eleven years of experience as a certified operator.

Dennis Spilman has been employed with the sanitary district since 1993 and holds a Grade III wastewater treatment license. Dennis served four years active duty in the United States Army, also fighting in Desert Storm and is currently serving in his tenth year as an Army reservist. Dennis was called to active duty in September 2001 and served one year guarding U.S. ammunition shipping ports before returning back to work in September of 2002.

Michelle Case is the billing clerk and has been employed by the sanitary district since 1995.

Ted Tusha, a Grade I certified wastewater operator spent four years with the Garner Public Work’s Department before beginning his employment with the Clear Lake Sanitary District in December, 2003. Ted and his family reside in Garner.

Steve Bacon began employment with the Clear Lake Sanitary District in January, 2004. Steve attended Ventura High School and now resides in Clear Lake with his family.

Taylor Moore has been employed with the Clear Lake Sanitary District since December, 2009 as the District’s Accountant/Office Manager. Taylor has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Minnesota School of Business. Prior to working at the District, Taylor worked as a financial accountant for Metro Sales, Inc. in Richfield, MN and as a staff accountant for Potter & Brant, PLC in Clear Lake for two years. Taylor is originally from Estherville, IA and now resides with his family in Clear Lake.

Grant Pueggel