Clear Lake Sanitary District News and Information Update

From the Administrator/Superintendent, Kevin Moler

Where Has Time Gone?
It is hard to believe that construction began 17 years ago to upgrade the District’s entire pumping and treatment system. As the system continues to age equipment will need to be replaced. Fortunately for customers a replacement fund was initiated in 1998 that will help keep sewer rates from see-sawing. The replacement fund is designed to replace over $4 million in equipment operated and maintained by District staff every day. The replacement fund currently sits at $3 million and continues to grow to ensure protection against backups and overflows due to faulty equipment.

Nutrient Reduction Required of Clear Lake Sanitary District
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has announced it will begin implementing a Nutrient Reduction Strategy program aimed at reducing nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the Gulf of Mexico. The implementation plan begins with NPDES permit renewals for treatment facilities with existing biological nutrient removal capabilities. The Clear Lake Sanitary District constructed a biological nutrient removal system in 1997 with the anticipation that this day would come. Staff began implementing program changes to the treatment cycles in December 2012 that will enhance the biological phosphorus removal efficiency and the reduction of total nitrogen. The results are positive. Chemical addition may be necessary to guarantee the imposed limits but the chemical cost should be low since the majority of removal is achieved biologically.